• This list is not exhaustive and indeed there may be other things that you require our help with.

    If you would like further information, then please call us: 01273 410471

Coastal Homecare operates from Three offices one based in Hove, area of Brighton & Hove,  the second one in Goring in the area of Worthing and the third in the Burgess Hill area of Mid-Sussex .We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and are able to carry out personal care, home care and social care to adults over the age of 18.

Personal Care

• Getting you up in the morning
• Washing
• Dressing
• Going to the toilet
• Making your bed
• Putting you into bed in the evening
• Assisting with medication

Home Care

• Sorting and putting your laundry in
• Taking your laundry out
• Ironing
• Hoovering around your home
• Dusting and polishing
• Watering your plants
• Taking out rubbish bags

Social Care

• To doctors’ appointments
• To hospital appointments
• Trips out to the seafront for a stroll
• Trips to the cinema
• Shopping trips
• Visiting a friend
• Going to church

How to pay for your service

We work closely with the local authorities to assess your needs and whether you qualify for funding. Following your assessment one of the following options will apply:

• Pay Coastal Homecare directly as a self-funding client by direct debit.
• Receive funding from the local authority under the Direct Payment Scheme, which allows you to manage your own funded budget and chose your care provider. Or alternatively, the council will manage this budget for you.

For further information on the Direct Payment Scheme, follow this link.

To view our latest CQC reports, click here