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Hospital Discharge Care

Hospital Discharge Care

When you get home from hospital;

Coastal Home Care works in partnership with Brighton & Hove Local Authorities, Social Services and Royal Sussex Hospital Discharge Service since 2016.

If you have had a short illness or an operation, you might only need care for a short time -Coastal Homecare Hospital Discharge Team is here to help you to get back to normal.

 The aim of this type of short-term care is to help you:

– look after yourself rather than having someone care for you

– stay as independent as possible

– avoid unnecessary hospital stays


It is extremely important for Coastal Hospital Discharge team that our Customers and their families receive all the support needed, at every possible stage of care.

Admission to hospital, whether planned or not, is always a worrying and hard time, particularly for the older person. At times members of the family of a person that leaves the hospital are unable to provide their loved ones with the care immediately after the treatment is ended and it sometimes may delay the discharge. That can be an additional burden to the hospital, as beds are simply blocked by patients who really would prefer to come back home where they would most probably recover more quickly. It also causes unnecessary stress for the family who cannot be with their elderly relatives at the time of hospital discharge. It is also disturbing for the patient himself. That’s why we are offering person centred care as soon as it’s necessary.

As people get older, the chances that they will need to stay in hospital for an extended period of time increase. Once the immediate reason for admission to hospital has been taken care of, it is likely that the elderly patient will still need to be cared for in a number of ways.

Rather than simply discharging the patient from a NHS hospital and leaving them to fend for themselves, it is essential to make sure that there is already a care and support system in place and a number of important precautions need to be taken.

Elderly patients who have been staying in hospital for a considerable period of time due to physical or mental infirmity are likely to find that they need some sort of ongoing care and attention.

However, if the elderly person has spent a lot of time in the hospital, it is essential to make the transition from the hospital to home as smooth as possible to ensure that the release from the hospital is not traumatic.

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